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Oh Canada! What’s Behind the Canadian Real Estate Selloff in the Valley

Listings are hard to come by in today’s tight inventory real estate market, but there’s one segment of sellers that seems eager to sell – Canadian real estate investors. On Sunday, Catherine Reagor at AZCentral reported [...]

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Air Conditioning’s Impact on Phoenix Valley Real Estate

Perhaps more than any other city, Phoenix owes its existence as a modern city to air conditioning; a relatively recent invention. Although Phoenix was incorporated in 1888, it really wasn’t until the 1950s that the [...]

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July 2017 Advice for Buyers and Sellers Currently in Market

The Cromford Report has published their July 2017 analysis and have some great information for Buyers and Sellers July. What your Buyers need to know: Good news for buyers, listings for sale between $150K and [...]

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